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Fish Mounting & Coloring

Instructional learning experience brings families closer
Lesson 1:
Fishing with Sophia, Bob, & Dan

Fish Taxidermy Begins With Eyes & Manikin
Lesson 2:
Fish Taxidermy begins with Eyes & Manikin

Cleaning the fish and picking the show side of the fish
Lesson 3:
Cleaning the fish and picking the "Show Side" of the fish

Measuring your fish
Lesson 4:
Measuring your fish & record on "Order Card"

Create an incision along the back
Lesson 5:
Creating the incision along the back

How to properly skin your fish
Lesson 6:
How to properly skin your fish

Properly cleaning your fish
Lesson 7:
Cleaning your fish: the Skin, Fin Bases, Head Juncture and Cheeks

Best Practice for preserving the skin
Lesson 8:
Best Practice for Preserving the Skin

Pre fit and then prep
Lesson 9:
Pre-fit and then Prep your Manikin

Mounting cradle with pegs
Lesson 10:
Mounting Cradle with Pegs

Sewing and preserving the throat
Lesson 11:
Sewing and Preserving the Throat

Apply skin onto the manakin
Lesson 12:
Mix and Apply Skin onto the Manikin

Paste the manikin
Lesson 13:
Paste the Manikin and then Mount the Skin onto the Manikin

Fill in the cheeks and set the eyes
Lesson 14:
Fill in the Cheeks and Set the Eyes

Position the fins
Lesson 15:
Position and Card the Fins

Properly coating the fins
Lesson 16:
Remove Carding and Coat the Fins

Finish the back seam with silk span
Lesson 17:
Finish up the Back Seam with Silk Span

Balance and secure your fish
Lesson 18:
Balance Your Fish and Secure Hanger

Rebuild areas with epoxy
Lesson 19:
Rebuild Areas with epoxy

Flat wash practice
Lesson 20:
Flat Wash Exercise

Grade wash exercise
Lesson 21:
Grade Wash Exercise

Dot practice
Lesson 22:
Dot Exercise

Vermiculation Practice
Lesson 23:
Vermiculation Exercise

Paper Fish Exercise
Lesson 24:
"Paper Fish" Exercise

Seal and paint your fish
Lesson 25:
Seal and Paint Largemouth

Clean the eye and apply the gloss finish
Lesson 26:
Clean the Eye and apply Gloss Finish