“Deer Rump" Bottle Opener


  • Deer Rump Manikin w/wooden insert for Bottle Opener attachment
  • Hide Tanning Cream
  • Hide Paste
  • Tanning Salt
  • Bottle Opener – Metal
  • Bottle Opener Screws – 1 1/4”
  • Brass Hanger
  • Brass Hanger Screws – 1”
  • Tail Wire – 18”, 12 gauge
  • Clay


A “DEER RUMP” Bottle Opener completes any Man Cave, Hunting Shack or Party Den. This kit provides all the items needed to complete your own “DEER RUMP” Bottle Opener. By using this kit to mount your own “DEER RUMP” Bottle Opener – You create the rump that all the DOES are looking for! Kit materials match supplies used in “DEER RUMP BOTTLE OPENER” instructional program on www.FreeTaxidermySchool.com


 “DEER RUMP” Bottle Opener

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Student Price: $62.96

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