European Skull Mount Kit


  • Skull Whitening Peroxide (2 quarts) - reusable
  • Solid WALNUT Skull Panel
  • Aluminum Skull Whitening Pan w/ Storage Cover – reusable
  • Brass Hanger – professional grade
  • Hanger Screws (2 qty.)
  • Skull Screw 2”
  • Whitening Rags (3 qty.)


There are a lot of EUROPEAN SKULL KITS on the marked but NONE can match the quality and ease of this kit. 

The solid WALNUT panel adds a quality level unmatched in taxidermy and is sure to make your very first skull mount a “Professional Success”! 

This kit offers that exact same materials used in the video instruction on So, all you have to do is order this kit and follow the FREE instructions. 

Note: these materials are good for MULTIPLE European skull mounts!!!

European Skull Kits

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