Whitetail Tool Box


  • Tool Box
  • Scalpel
  • Scalpel Blades (5)
  • Ear Splitters
  • Skife Knife
  • Skife Knife & Blades (5)
  • Curved Scissors
  • Fleshing Cone
  • Lip Slot Cutter
  • Lip Tucker

Additional Mounting Tools


Achieving professional taxidermy requires the use of specialized tools. The “Tool Box” at FreeTaxidermySchool.com includes all the tools that your instructor – Dan Rinehart uses throughout all his instructional taxidermy classes. Order your “Tool Box” and enjoy your FREE taxidermy education while learning with the same tools as the instructor!

The Professional Tool Kit

Retail "Tool Box" Price: $107.10

-10% Student Discount: $10.71

Student Price: $96.39

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